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High-Flux Photocatalytic Reactor

As one of the featured products of our with fully independent intellectual property rights, it adopts modular design and integrates the functions such as refrigeration/constant temperature, magnetic stirring, power supply for the light source and reflective light distribution. The product offers three parallel photocatalytic reaction stations, which can perform 1-8 parallel reactions by adapting different reaction tube holders, respectively. Totally 12 parallel experiments (conventional configuration) can be realized simultaneously, and up to 80 parallel experiments are supported, significantly improving the study efficiency. Concerning the thermal effect of the light source often encountered in the photocatalytic reaction, a constant temperature system is established with the built-in DC frequency conversion compressor to counteract the thermal effect.Our exclusive reflective light distribution system allows the reaction tube to receive light from the front, back and bottom, improving the illumination uniformity and experimental repeatability. The Company also offers customized service, offering the user perfect photocatalytic reactors that meet their requirements.
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Product Details

Reflective Constant-Temperature High-Flux Photocatalytic Reactor/Temperature-Regulated High-Flux Photocatalytic Reactor

Design features

  1. Integrated design: combine the refrigeration and constant temperature maintenance, magnetic stirring, reflective light distribution, and power supply for the light source

  2. Reflective light distribution: innovative multi-surface reflective design, ensuring the reaction tube receive the light from three sides and improving the repeatability and stability of the reaction

  3. Efficient refrigeration and maintenance of constant temperature: keep the temperature in the reaction chamber at a specific temperature, effectively eliminating the thermal effect of the light source on the reaction

  4. Full-area powerful magnetic stirring: ensure the magnetons in each reaction tube are thoroughly stirred in the parallel reaction experiments

  5. High-flux reaction: 12 groups of parallel experiments (conventional configuration) can be realized, significantly improving the study efficiency

  6. Modular design (expert type): the reaction chamber can be quickly dismantled and replaced. Various reaction chambers with different lighting forms can be customized for different experiments to realize multi-use


Technical parameters

NameExpert typeTemperature-regulatedRemarks
Nominal refrigerating capacity130-455 W               ——
Refrigerating power70-220 W               ——
Heating formElectric heatingCeramic blast heater
Refrigeration form

DC frequency conversion compressor,

combined with environment-friendly R134a 


Fin heat exchanger, combined with a                 

low-temperature circulating tank, realizing a      

cooling   rate of 10 ℃/min

Temperature range10—50 ℃Room temperature - 100 ℃
Temperature control accuracy±0.2 ℃±0.5 ℃
Stirring method

Independent motor driving and rare earth

permanent magnet rotary stirring

Independent motor driving and rare earth         

permanent magnet rotary stirring

Stirring speed150-1000 rpm stepless speed regulation150-1000 rpm stepless speed regulation
LED light source outputReserved, 24 V 8 A                ——
Tube holderStandard 12 StationsStandard 12 StationsCustomizable
Outline dimension500*470*570 mm420*470*550 mm