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TFV Vertical Tube Furnace Micro Vertical Tube Furnace/Micro Vertical Tube Furnace

TFV-1200-50-I-220 is a small open type vertical tube furnace with a tube diameter of φ 30/50 mm. It is applicable to sintering and quenching of samples in vacuum or atmosphere. With different accessories and installations, it can also be used as a fluidized bed vertical tube furnace for CVD experiment on powder surface deposition. In this case, a quartz sand core with a diameter of 5-15 um is embedded within the high purity quartz tube. The sintered powder is placed on the sand core layer. Deposition experiment shall be carried out by passing the gas to the sand core layer through the flanges at the bottom of the tube and keeping the sample particles suspended in the heating zone under the effect of the gas flow (generally stabilized in the constant temperature zone).
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TFV Vertical Tube Furnace Micro Vertical Tube Furnace/Micro Vertical Tube Furnace

Technical parameters

Body structure

· Flange support platforms are designed at the top and bottom of the body

· The body is designed as open type for easy replacement of the tube 

· The chamber is made of high purity alumina

Maximum temperature1200 ℃ (short-term)
Rated temperature1,100 ℃
ThermocoupleK-type thermocouple
Adaptive powerAC220 V 50/60 HZ
Rated power1.5 kW
Size of furnace tubeΦ30*550 mm/Φ50*550 mm
Heating zone length220 mm
Heating elementMolybdenum doped aludirome
Temperature control systemPID automatic temperature control system Intelligent control through 30 programmable segments
Temperature control precision±1 ℃
Outline dimension340*300*1200 mm
Net weight24 kg