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TFD Custom Tube Furnace/Vertical Thermogravimetry Furnace

As shown in the figure, the vertical thermogravimetry furnace is composed of the control center, the heating furnace body, lifting device, water cooling device, measuring device and air inlet system. It is a highly automatic product. The chamber ismade of high purity alumina microcrystallite fiber subject to vacuum forming under high temperature. The heating element is resistance wire. The cooling system adopts double-layer air cooling structure, providing a surface temperature ≤60 ℃. With Yudian electronic type temperature controller and K-type thermocouple, temperature control through 30 programmable segments with a temperature control precision of ±1 ℃ is realized. The device is equipped with a weight-measuring unit that provides real-time record of the weight change of materials during the reaction and computer record of controlled inlet flow.
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Product Details

TFD Custom Tube Furnace/Vertical Thermogravimetry Furnace

Product features 

⚫ The furnace body supports automatic lifting. Multiple stations can be set 

⚫ The double-layer air cooling structure of the shell keeps the surface temperature not more than 60 ℃ 

⚫ The air inlet is controlled with PC for more precise control 

⚫ The analytical balance can record and reflect the weight loss condition in real time

Technical parameters

Maximum temperature1100 ℃ (short-term)
Rated temperature1000 ℃
Size of furnace tubeφ70*φ50*350 mm (customizable)
Heating zone length220 mm
Heating rate≤10 ℃/min
Rated power3.5 kW
Adaptive powerAC220 V 50/60 HZ
Outline dimension800*500*1550 mm
Weight60 kg