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TFTFG Catalyst Atmosphere Calcination Activator

Catalyst atmosphere calcination activator is aimed at problems in catalyst atmosphere calcination/activation process, e.g., difficult loading and transfer of samples; inconsistent treatment effect of particles at different positions; poor repeatability between different batches; powder splashing; delayed discharge of products and solvents; tube wall pollution and difficulty in cleaning; and space occupation. The catalyst calcinator/activator independently researched and developed by Kemi will bring better treatment effect and operation experience. Expensive and important catalysts deserve better equipment.
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Product Details

TFTFG Catalyst Atmosphere Calcination Activator

Product features Quartz tube and sample cell creatively designed 

⚫ Aimed at the atmosphere calcination or activation demand of granular catalyst (0.1-10 mL) 

⚫ Innovative and delicate quartz tube and sample cell design 

⚫ Easy to load and transfer a small quantity of catalyst granules 

⚫ Ensure that the atmosphere can uniformly pass through granules at different positions to make the treatment more uniform and repeatable American Super OMEGACLAD™XL thermocouple 

⚫ Super stable temperature drift — less than 2.8 ℃ after 25 weeks 

⚫ The expected service life of the probe is 10 times that of similar competitive products* American Dwyer RATE-MASTER rotor flowmeter 

⚫ The unique integral fluid guide design controls and maintains flow stably 

⚫ Integrally formed solid, transparent and shatterproof polycarbonate material Intelligent temperature control system 

⚫ New color touch screen operation 

⚫ Multiple programmable segments for intelligent temperature control with a temperature control precision of ±1 ℃ 

⚫ Integrating measurement, display, alarm, record and history curve, etc.

Technical parameters

Rated temperature1,100 ℃
Sample cell volume10 mL (customizable)
Sample cell diameter30 mm
Heating zone length220 mm
Rotor flow meter range30-200 mL/min (customizable)
Control systemDual-channel intelligent temperature control
Rated power2.0 kW
Adaptive powerAC220 V50/60 HZ
Outline dimension660*320*580 mm
Weight35 kg

Model List of TFG Series Vertical Tube Furnaces
TypeParameterModel codeRemarks
Tube parameter (mm)φ88
About 10 mL catalyst