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NSG Universal Quick-Opening Magnetic Stirring Reactor

NSG universal quick-opening magnetic stirring reactor is configured with the magnetic stirrer and intelligent ···

NSI Intelligent Quick-Opening Magnetic Stirring Reactor

NSI intelligent quick-opening magnetic stirring reactor integrates the magnetic stirrer, heating furnace and i···

MSP Remote Intelligent Micro Mechanical Stirring Reactor

This product integrates the reactor, heating furnace and intelligent control system. It adopts an independentl···

Freeze Dryer

The ACG-10N series freeze drying machine has a compact structure, which can effectively save valuable laborato···

Joule Heating Device

Joule heating devices use the phenomenon of joule effect of conductive material itself to apply an electrical ···

Hot Pressing Joule Meter

The device heats the sample stage (graphite) to achieve high temperature, and at the same time, the powder sam···

Miniature fixed bed (tabletop)

Micro-fixed bed reactor(desktop) is suitable for laboratory worktops. It has the characteristics of small size···

Continuous Flow Reactor/Fixed-Bed Reactor

Desktop fixed-bed is a multi-functional desktop fixed-bed integrating manual control and automatic control. It···

Multi-channel fixed bed reactor

Multi-channel fixed bed reactor is a high temperature and high pressure multi-bit reaction device designed to ···

Induction Heating System

Induction heaters mainly consist of inverters, resonant units, transformers, and inductors. The inverter is an···

TFTFG Catalyst Atmosphere Calcination Activator

Catalyst atmosphere calcination activator is aimed at problems in catalyst atmosphere calcination/activation p···

TFE Plasma Chemical Vapor Deposition/Single-Zone PE-CVD Syst···

TFE Plasma Chemical Vapor Deposition/Single-Zone PE-CVD System

TFD Custom Tube Furnace/Vertical Thermogravimetry Furnace

As shown in the figure, the vertical thermogravimetry furnace is composed of the control center, the heating f···

AF500 3D Sample Mixer

The three-dimensional sample mixer is mainly used to mix substances of different types, different particle siz···

AF450 Sample Automatic Divider

AF450 has two functions of sampling and shrinking.Large particle samples can be divided and shrunk.Different s···

AF400 Sample Automatic Divider

AF400 Sample Automatic Divider a instrument can adjust the ratio of the fractions.It is suitable for powdered ···

AF300 Vibratory Feeder

It can achieve optimal feed, constant feed rate and controllable speed. It can be rotated freely to ensure con···

XRD High Temperature Reaction Cell

XRD High Temperature Reaction Cell

In-situ Raman Test Cell For Lithium Batteries

The in-situ Raman measurement cell of lithium battery is mainly used to collect Raman spectrum data of materia···

In-situ Raman Electrochemical Cell

In-situ Raman Electrochemical Cell

In-situ Raman High Temperature Reaction Cell

The in-situ Raman electrochemical cell is mainly used to study the Raman spectra of electrode materials in in-···

Four-Way Gas-Mixing System

The gas supply system can regulate the flow of different gases through the mass flow meter and mix them in app···

Gas Diffusion Cell

Gas Diffusion Cell

Gas Mixing System

The gas mixing device is mainly used for providing atmosphere environment, and can be used for tubular furnace···

Custom Electrolytic Cell

Custom Electrolytic Cell

Xenon Lamp Light Sourse System

Xenon light source is widely used in research fields such as photocatalysis, industrial catalysis, photolysis ···

High-Flux Photocatalytic Reactor

As one of the featured products of our with fully independent intellectual property rights, it adopts modular ···

Room-Temperature Type High-Flux Photocatalytic Reactor

The product adopts a microcomputer chip integrated control system, independently controlled light source and s···

PPMS Measurement Accessories

PPMS Measurement Accessories

LED Solar Light Source Simulator

SLS-LED-80A is a compact 3A-level LED solar light source simulator which can replace the traditional Xenon lam···

LED Light Source Fixed Light Box

​The product, designed for photocatalysis research, has 4 fixed stations with Kessil LED light source and open···

Microbial Glass Fermente

BFS glass fermenter refers to a jacketed fermenter with 2 L, 5 L, 10 L or other customized volumes. It can be ···


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    Meeting room and sales team

    Minutes are used to record, communicate the meeting and agreed matters of the document. It is different from the meeting records, for enterprises, institutions ···

  • About the company profile

    About the company profile

    Looking forward to the future one after another, we will use full of enthusiasm and practical action, and jointly write a brilliant and splendid tomorrow.We hop···


Anhui Ancourage Scientific Co., Ltd

Anhui Ancourage Scientific Co., Ltd Located in Hefei China, is one of leading and developing as well as customer focused laboratory equipment manufacturing enterprise, specialized in providing R&D and manufacturing scientific research instruments. By force of the robust research and development of the company, we has independently developed a number of scientific research instruments with independent intellectual property rights. Our products have served many laboratories of China universities and cover many scientific research un···